Baby is home. Now what? Could you use more support than you had planned? Would you like someone to help with baby care at night while you get some sleep? How about daytime help as you figure out feeding, soothing, and bathing your baby? Click here to learn more and check my availability.
Are you pregnant and planning to breastfeed? While in the hospital, a nurse is only minutes away if you're struggling. Once you're home and the lack of sleep starts to hit, it can be helpful to have the knowledgeable support of a doula as you and baby continue to figure out this new skill. Click here to learn more.
Did you know that your child's car seat is a life-saving device? Would you like to learn how to properly install their car seat and make sure they are correctly harnessed for every ride? Contact me to schedule a seat check.


It’s amazing. It’s hard. It’s wonderful. It’s exhausting. It’s sweet. It’s vulnerable.

It’s smiling. It’s crying. It’s glowing.  It’s treasuring.  It’s forgetting. It’s remembering. It’s hoping.

It’s pouring out your heart. It’s asking for help. It’s growing.

As your doula, I am here to support you as you navigate this new life.