Sleep struggles? I’m here to help! 

Is your baby keeping you up at night? Are you stuck holding your little one for every nap? Are you too tired to think straight, much less get a shower every day? Are you ready for a change, but just don’t know where to start? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a step-by-step plan for your particular situation, based on your child’s specific needs? Look no further! Let me guide you through the process of teaching your baby to sleep better.

As a pediatric sleep consultant with experience spanning from newborn through the preschool years, I help families sort through the sleep charts, differing opinions, and competing advice to create a custom plan based on their goals and child’s developmental needs. Most of the people I work with have tried a few things on their own and are ready to have some clarity and consistency (and BETTER SLEEP!).

Contact me today to set up a free discovery call so you can learn more and decide if personalized sleep support is the right next step for your family!