Sleep Coaching Support

We’ll start with a free 15 minute, no-pressure, discovery call to decide if personalized sleep support is the right next step for your family. Then, we’ll schedule the first video consultation. This is a time for you to tell me more about your family, your goals, and your child’s current sleep challenges. We’ll discuss your child’s sleep history, the rhythms of your day, and go into detail about what’s happening at night. We’ll discuss age-appropriate expectations and developmental milestones that affect sleep. Together, we’ll create a plan to gently guide your little one toward independent, restorative sleep. When you’re ready to commit to making sleep changes with consistency, I’ll be ready to support you and answer any questions along the way. Contact me to schedule your discovery call today!

Comprehensive Troubleshooting Package (4 mos-6 yrs)

Are you tired of being tired? Are you ready to find a new “normal” that honors everyone’s need for better sleep? Let me help you troubleshoot your child’s sleep challenges, considering their age, sleep habits, and any lactation goals you may have.

  • $400
    • online sleep & schedule questionnaire
    • 45 minute sleep assessment call
    • Customized, written sleep plan e-mailed to you
    • 45 minute sleep plan review call
    • 2 weeks of unlimited daytime e-mail/texting support (9 am-9 pm PST)
    • 30 minute wrap-up call to celebrate your family’s success and answer any lingering questions

Ask Me Anything Call

Did you have a good sleeper who is now struggling? Have you tried a few things on your own and it’s just not working? On this 45 minute call, we will talk about your current struggles and I’ll give you advice to get things back on track. This is a great option for families who have already established independent sleep and just need a little more guidance to solve the puzzle.

  • $100
    • online sleep & schedule questionnaire
    • 45 minute video call with verbal recommendations