“After a COVID scare in our family, we were going to be without the help we had planned on having for our newborn. We hired Selina to be our night doula right before our daughter was born and she came into our home the 2nd night we were home from the hospital. She was confident in a very easy and approachable way. We felt comfortable with her immediately and were able to relax and get the rest we needed. She offered great advice and guidance as we navigated being new parents. I would definitely use her again and would recommend her to anyone about to have a new baby!” ~ Jenny

“Selina was such a big help to us as a night doula when we brought home our twins. It was obvious that she loves babies and she treated our son and daughter with attentiveness and care. She took the time to reach out to me in between our scheduled evenings to ask how I was doing, and was instrumental in helping us find a lactation consultant who could do an in-home visit (the next day!) when I needed assistance with breastfeeding. She was also very positive and encouraging to us as new parents. Selina was flexible and communicative, and allowed us to structure our visits in the way that best suited our family. Our only regret is that we could not keep her longer! Selina also visited our home prior to delivery to perform a car seat evaluation, and she was knowledgable and thorough in checking our setup and providing education. We enthusiastically recommend her services!” ~ Melanie

“Selina was our night nurse with my daughter Mavis. She was a godsend for me during a time that was beyond stressful and scary due to a family cancer diagnosis layered on top of a newborn. She quickly became a member of our family. She was punctual, attentive, flexible, and extended a helping hand with laundry and bottle cleaning. She also offered advice and solutions when asked, which was extremely helpful for me as a first time mom. She coordinated schedules with the other night nurses without being asked, creating a calendar, and ensuring I always had coverage when needed. She is also an expert in car seat fitting which has saved me multiple times. I highly recommend Selina as a doula.” ~ Michelle

“Selina cared for our third child, providing invaluable support during a stressful time.  Her experience and professionalism was reassuring which is exactly what was needed.  She provided excellent care for our infant and was extremely helpful with “tips and tricks” – observations she had about our babies preferences, tips to get her to latch/take bottle more easily, etc. We would both welcome her into our home with future blessings of more children or refer unconditionally to friends or colleagues seeking similar peace of mind.” ~ Jaime
“Thank you so much for doing an excellent job in our home; getting us ready to meet the logistical needs of our newborn and employees before birth and managing the follow through after the birth for around six weeks. It has been over thirteen months since our son’s birth and I still think of you fondly. Especially if someone mentions to me that I can go to the local municipalities to get a car seat inspection, I think of you because I know I can call you right to our door. I have already done so and probably will again as our abnormally large son continues to grow out of car seats!” ~ Hannah

“We loved working with Selina! She was a wonderful night doula for us and took great care of our baby. She was so knowledgeable and supportive and we were truly grateful for her care. I found her calm and steady presence to be very soothing and helpful, especially in the early days. She also provided great support and expertise about nursing and pumping. I can’t recommend her enough–she is great!” ~ Jill

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